There’s nothing like high school–

So I made the dumb move of joining Facebook. People I don’t even know are clamoring to be my friend. Who are some of these people?

Anyhow, an old friend from high school showed me my alma mater’s group in there and like a dummy I joined them. Why did I do that?

These are good people that bring out the absolute worst in me. I go from being the intellectual and overly intelligent person that I am normally to this freak who is scared out of his wits of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, or just breathing wrong. These people intimidate me for no reason other than they have always scared the living bejesus out of me.

Like I said, these are good people with warm hearts and so very friendly. They never, ever talk bad about someone and it’s because of this niceness that I feel so very out of place. I don’t belong, or at least I think that I don’t. Some of these young ladies that I went to school with 20+ years ago are the same sweet and wonderful ladies I met that first day I walked through the gym with another sophmore.

Anyhow…so how do I go from a guy who is so rock stable sure of himself to a buffoon who second guesses every single thing about himself and his actions especially.

Okay…the venting is over. I’m going to go watch House and remember what it’s like to be a jerk again. Thanks for listening.