Using Adobe Photoshop online

Sunflower in my backyard editted in Adobe

With some mild fear I decided to try out Adobe’s online image editting solution, Now this is a nicely crafted site. It has many of the features that sites like Piknik and Picasa offer with something that are decidedly Adobe.

The first thing you should know is that the basic account is free. It’ll cost you an email account but that email account that I used to sign up with has yet to see one single piece of spam from Adobe or The basic account will let you hold up to 2GB worth of images. That sounds like a lot and it is for most point and shoot camera users.
If you are using a high end Canon Mark V with the default 77MB file sizes, then you know what your limits are and you probably are not looking for free online storage solutions for your photos.
Now let’s talk about free solutions for a minute. It is important that you do not store precious and rare photographs only on your home PC. Heaven forbid that a catastrophe strike, you will lose those memories. It is okay to do backups of your home pc files, pictures, and video on to DVD’s or some other onsite storage solution however, you should also make use of Flickr, Picasa,, Photobucket, SmugMug or the plethora of online storage offerings.
So now that we have established that it is wise to move your photos off of your home PC and on to a storage site where backups are done routinely, let me add that you should have a copy at home too.
Now gives you many tools for editting, cropping, and in many other ways manipulating your images. It does not give you all of the tools that you would get with Photoshop CS4, CS3, or any other Adobe Photoshop boxed software offering. It does however give you just enough tools to take a plain image and spice it up a little or maybe get rid of those demon eyes your puppy gets from the flash bulb.
It also lets you integrate your images with Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook and possibly more coming soon. You can choose to share photos on with friends or ban outsiders from viewing your work.
Adobe also makes available paid versions of this site which offer you more storage. You should check the site for pricing as it may change from the time I write this and the time you read this.
I really cannot applaud this product properly. You will have to try it for yourself.

If a spammer needs a reliable image hoster–Picoodle

For the past week, I and a friend, have been trying to reach someone, anyone at image hosting site Picoodle and surprise…no one ever replies and they do tell you that it may take them 3 weeks to reply to any inquiry.

So with that attitude, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a malware purveyor or spammer, this is a great site to post your stuff. If it does take them three weeks to remove a post, think of all the infected/conned people you can generate.

For reference, Picoodle is part of Funky Llama Productions. Funky Llama has many sites and is one of the companies responsible for many MySpace layouts. They no doubt provide Picoodle to help MySpacers with their image hosting needs which isn’t a bad thing.

However, the number of spam posters on Craigslist and other major board sites whose images are tied to Picoodle are no greater than the number that come from Flickr, ImageBucket, and other image hosting sites. Picoodle’s advantage to spammers is how slow they are to act to remove spam images.

So spammer, malware purveyor, and other ne’er do’wells…if you want to have your images hosted and not removed for at least a month, I suggest you try Picoodle. They don’t seem to want to remove anything.

I have spent the last 10 years devoted to fighting people who abuse the internet for their own personal gain. I cannot stand people who protect them.