That word sold me. Although I have long said that I would have few qualms about supporting John McCain previously, I have to say that this guy accepting his party’s bid this week is not the same John McCain I have admired in the past.

He has gone from maverick to panderer; from a man we could respect to a man who picks a woman with a special needs child to one up Obama’s claim of being the first African-American selected by a major party to run for office. Is this what our politics have become, who can be the more politically correct? Who can be the more disadvantaged?

Since everyone has to bite their tongue, I’ll say it for everyone. She’s a branch off of the white trash tree. I mean how much more like the RoseAnn character in the 80’s-90’s sitcom does someone’s family have to be before we can acknowledge who they really are?

So with that…I have to say that I have no choice but to support Barack Obama for President.

The Jedi Obama

The Jedi Obama

Do I agree entirely with his platform? No I don’t. Do I think this nation would be headed in a better direction under his guidance than McCain’s? I have no doubt.

Idon’t avoid white elephants in the room and I’ll just say this and get it out of the way too. I don’t trust the evangelical right. Any group of people who mold their belief system in order to accomodate their lifestyle is not a true follower of Christ.

Yet these are the same people that McCain called out in 2000 and these are the same people he is pandering to today. I supported him because he did not like their ways and now he has done the ultimate flip-flop in embracing them and giving them a radical right-winger who supported the seccession of Alaska.

As someone who has long purported that Texas could be its own nation, I would never advocate secession, except in jest, but this shows the out-there mentality of his pick to secede him. In my opinion, Sarah Palin is a scary and probably mean-spirited person who would make Hillary look like a court-jester.

And those are the main reasons why I am supporting Barack Obama.