The new “I want toy” from Nikon

Nikon released its Nikon D3X camera. It’s a professional camera

Nikon D3X

Nikon D3X

It’s a 24 megapixel and was released for public consumption back in early December by Nikon. It features lower noise on low ISO settings and a great design.

It has two CF card slots to help prevent overflow and since the raw image setting renders 138MB images, you may go through a few of them.

Now this camera is not the fastest of the lineup. It hums along at 5 FPS which is good for most photographic endeavours but you may want something a little faster for sports.

Being a Nikon guy, I would love to own one of these but I will have a problem coming up with the money for an $8,000 price tag.

The D3 is faster at 9 FPS and shoots at 12.1 megapixel. It also costs several thousand dollars less which gives you ample space in your wallet for some new faster lenses.

Nikon D3X side view

Nikon D3X side view

Nikon D3X LCD/Back view

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Back to life, music, and photography

Well the election is over. The bulk of America decided that, for the time being anyway, they have had enough of the GOP, Conservatism, the religious right, and the fear that they keep pushing.

I think there is something that people miss in this argument. The GOP is the party of destroying the hope of people to succeed. Sure…they pretend to be the party of less government but take a look at what they mean by that.

They mean less oversight and rules for business. They are not talking about helping or protecting individuals.

So let’s get back to what counts. I sat down Friday night in front of my Zoom 1266 recorder and started to refamiiarize myself with its controls and that really neat drum machine it has.

I also need to find a way to save enough money up or sell enough photo rights, yea right… in order to buy a better telephoto lens. My Nikon has a 70-200mm lens with a 5.6f setting. That’s so slow that even under the brights lights of a high school football field, the action is blurry.

If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.