Back to life, music, and photography

Well the election is over. The bulk of America decided that, for the time being anyway, they have had enough of the GOP, Conservatism, the religious right, and the fear that they keep pushing.

I think there is something that people miss in this argument. The GOP is the party of destroying the hope of people to succeed. Sure…they pretend to be the party of less government but take a look at what they mean by that.

They mean less oversight and rules for business. They are not talking about helping or protecting individuals.

So let’s get back to what counts. I sat down Friday night in front of my Zoom 1266 recorder and started to refamiiarize myself with its controls and that really neat drum machine it has.

I also need to find a way to save enough money up or sell enough photo rights, yea right… in order to buy a better telephoto lens. My Nikon has a 70-200mm lens with a 5.6f setting. That’s so slow that even under the brights lights of a high school football field, the action is blurry.

If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.

The newest Champion family members

Well…it was a very pleasant weekend. My mother and father drove up to Austin to meet the newest grandchild, Emily Champion. Emily was born a couple of weeks ago and my sister Joann and her husband, Brandon, are enjoying the lack of sleep…err parenthood.

But there is also another new Champion family member. Brandon has changed his name to ours but isn’t hyphenating like Hillary.

We welcomed you to the family when you married my sister all those years ago but I gotta tell you…this move…floored me and impressed me so very much.

So congratulations to them both. May the three of you have many happy and healthy years together!

Welcome to the family little pup

Today, we were able to get Cujo a new friend. It’s a cute little animal from the Schertz, TX Animal welfare group. These guys do not have a facility so a lot of really goodhearted people foster these poor pets until a suitable foster can be located.

The unnamed female puppy

Bailey the puppy

We haven’t had a female dog since Pebbles left us. I’m hoping we can find a suitable name. She doesn’t respond very well to “hey you”

Post your suggestions below. Thanks!

Another day..another photo

Back in March of this year, I was at a birthday party for William Lee Calk. He turned two. While there was some downtime inbetween castle bounces, I walked over to the nearby San Antonio river and took some photos of its inhabitants, the ducks.

A photo of ducks doing their thing in the San Antonio river in Brackenridge Park

A photo of ducks doing their thing in the San Antonio river in Brackenridge Park

I was contacted tonight and ask by a small online guidebook if they could use my photo. Of course I said yes! Once they tell me when and where this is published, I’ll be sure to let you know.