Why I Use Ad Blocking Technology

originalDear web site owner,

Since the advent of Doubleclick, Red Sheriff, and other invasive tools for inserting third party advertising on sites seeking to make a profit, I have been doing everything in my power to keep those invasive tools from placing intrusive and sometimes harmful data pools on to my computers.

So now, Yahoo, ExtremeTech, Forbes and a growing list of other sites are fighting back by denying us access to their content.

I will say this as a result. If you want to make money from ads, fine. I, personally, do not have a problem with that. If you want to hire an ad sales team, place ads and even mechanisms to show which ads I have interacted with, which ads I have hovered over, or even which ads I have looked at by using my camera to track my eye movement, that is fine by my book.

However, do you need third parties to place trackers, ever-cookies, and other tools to track every site your viewers/users visit? Is it necessary to have dozens of pages of legalese in 8 point font explaining what your intent is with our information?

Do you have to have ad providers who allow 100’s of fourth parties to inject ads that ave not been vetted into your site’s ad display system?

That is why I use ad blockers and if you are a reader and you agree with me that this out-dated mode of invading my computer and my privacy needs to go away, join me in using Ad Block, Ad Block Plus, Ghostery, and other ad and javascript blocking tools. The system and privacy that you save may be your own.