Images You Must See From a More Than Interested Participant

Cpl. Reynaldo Leal after patrol

Cpl. Reynaldo Leal after patrol

No war is complete without the use of images to show us at home how our loved ones, friends, fellow Americans, are doing and handling themselves overseas.

Today, CNN’s main page has a photo piece done by Corporal Reynaldo Leal which is an excellent piece. It is just him talking about his photographic work. The CNN article is a must-see and his photo gallery is also a must see as well. Here are the links to both:

Corporal Leal’s Images on AfterImage
Cpl. Reynaldo Leal story on CNN

2 thoughts on “Images You Must See From a More Than Interested Participant

  1. I’m a TV producer trying to contact Corporal Leal. I emailed him at an address that appeared in the Afterimage webpage but have gotten no answer.

    Univision Network want to do a profile on him….

    Please SOS…I even called USMC but his name didn’t show up.

    Malena Marchan
    Univision Network
    305 471 4309

  2. Hello, I do not know him personally however, a quick Google search led me to his hometown. I would suspect a quick call to the local VFW in his hometown might work. As a former journalist myself, I would also suggest you try the Navy’s PR/Communications Dept. Any communications with an active duty soldier or guardsman would have to go through them anyway. Cpl. Leal would most likely be unable to meet with you without the Navy’s okay.

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