Bluebonnets of the old West

Bluebonnets in a field

Originally uploaded by jachamp

Here we are with another April and another wildflower season. This is turning out to be a great season with lots of heavy pockets of bluebonnets and these purple things (sorry…not big on names) all over the place.

If you live in S. Central Texas, you probably cannot drive ten minutes without finding a pocket but as a person who loves looking at these things and photographing them…can I ask you for one favor?

Please do not trample the flowers. I am running into large patches where I see up to 1/3 of the flowers schmushed down by whole families who get into the patch trying to take their picture. I know…you want to get the perfect shot of your family but when you do that no one else gets to enjoy them too.

Second…respect other people’s property. When shooting photographs of flower patches, please respect the property that they are located on. Do not get photographs of someone’s house or personal possessions.

If someone, like the homeowner who has this display, has taken the time and care to maintain such a wonderful scene…you should respect their property rights while sharing this beauty with others.

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